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New speed slow down signs
Great to see that the New Speed slow down sign was working well today.
I was amazed how slow vehicles were moving this afternoon.
Well done let's hope it continues to be a great community benefit to the Village by reducing the speeding traffic.
Posted by Clive Bishop on 18 February 2016
The crossing at the church
The crossing at the church is quite a concern - I'm sure this has been brought up before but it is getting worrying. Within the past 6 months, I have personally experienced three near-misses, where cars have not stopped at the red light. I'm beginning to wonder whether this is no more the fault of the driver than it is of bad (non-existent) signage.

On one occasion, I was nearly hit when, in the middle of the crossing, a car overtook the bus that had stopped at the crossing. I couldn't see the car, he couldn't see me, and clearly he also didn't see why the bus had stopped. With no sign warning of the crossing, it's hardly surprising. The bus would have concealed the red light so that I don't even blame the driver.

Last week, my three-year-old crossed in front of me and was about two feet away from a car which shot through the lights at 30. On our near-side, a car had stopped at the red light. The car on the far-side lane didn't notice either the red light or the stopped car - or indeed us, crossing the road.

The third incident is a neighbor's son who encountered a similar incident to that of my daughter.

While all of these were near-misses, this is happening far too often and I wonder what the probability is of these frequent near-misses becoming very tragic accidents.

I don't think i've ever experienced this at any other crossing in my (32) years which suggests there is something that needs to be done about this specific crossing.
Posted by Kerry Bartlett on 16 November 2015
Thank you for advising council about this issue - I will make sure all councilors are made aware and put the item on the agenda of the next parish council meeting.
In the meantime I will report your concerns to the highways department at county to ensure that they are aware too.
kind regards
Posted by Helen - parish council clerk on 18 November 2015
Thank you; i would like to stress (because my above message sounds quite rambling) that these three incidents really did happen exactly as above. I say this because i imagine it reads as a rather over-dramatic moan about the A39. I'd be interested to hear whether anyone else has experienced similar because, as i say, one would think events like this quite rare, and yet in reality they seem quite common.
Posted by Kerry bartlett on 19 November 2015
Memory lane
Hiya I used to live in south close many moons ago. My brother, grandfather and grandmother are all buried in Walton church how could I find out where the graves are? I moved in 1970 aged 6 and a bit. Any help would be much appreciated.
Posted by Eveline Cooper was Owen on 01 July 2015
Singing classes for babies and toddlers
Hello, I have recently started Jolly Babies and Music with Mummy classes in the Village Hall.

In the Jolly Babies class mums are encouraged to sing simple songs to their babies to enhance the bonding process and help with learning and understanding new words.

In the Music with Mummy class there is a theme to each term such as Toys or Good Manners and we learn songs related to that, as well as exploring a musical concept such as loud/quiet, high/low.

In both sessions we also move around to music, play percussion instruments along with the music and develop listening skills.

The classes cost £24 for 6 half hour sessions. If you are interested in joining us let me know by e mail jesssilman@yahoo.co.uk or phone me on 07790443685.
Posted by Jess Silman on 22 May 2013
Main Street - old numbers
I was born in 1946, at what was then 55 Main Street, the home of my grandmother Alice Bird (nee Hobbs).
I know the houses were renumbered about 30 years ago, and I wonder if anyone could tell me the current number of the house - by a bit of guesswork I think it is between 95 and 101.

Many thanks (this is for family history project being undertaken by a cousin)

Sandra Walshe
Posted by Sandra Walshe on 13 August 2012
The Records Office at Taunton should be able to assist you with the original number / new number of the house. As an instance the house of one of the parish councillors whom I asked your question, number 53 Main Street, was originally number 25 which was found out from the Records Office. Also number 29 became number 61... hope this helps! If I find out any more I will post it here... Good Luck
Posted by Parish Clerk on 14 August 2012
also if you happen to have any old pictures that could be copied for the walton visual history project archive we would be extremely grateful!
Posted by parish clerk on 14 August 2012
According to another councillor,
"she lived in the house to the east of the footpath which leads from main street to chancellor close, regret dont know number.
Annie Bird was married to Rueben Bird we believe and he would have had three nephews, Colin, Newman and Ted who was a policeman and a niece Daisy.all these lived in creeches lane.
By chance my father in law at some time owned the house in question,the house had at one time been a shop as it had a front shop type window i am told
hope this helps"
Posted by parish clerk on 14 August 2012
Many thanks for all replies, they have been very useful, the house was exactly as described, it was the old shop.

The Bird fsmily mentioned lived in a farm in Creeches Lane, and I remember going to visit them as a little girl (well over 60 years ago)
One close friend and neighbour of my grandmother was Mrs Ruth Perry, and I seem to remember the house was owned by a gentleman whose first name was Elias - my grandmother had lived there for over 30 years, until her death on Christmas Day 1966, always as a tenant.

I will contact the Somerset records office, thanks for the tip.
Posted by Sandra Walshe on 17 August 2012
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